Curiouser&Curiouser... (greenpotato) wrote,


I'm exhausted.

Got home from Tom's family's place around 1:15 this morning, and proceeded to toss and turn until at least 3:30. I don't feel like I slept at all between then and 6:15 when my alarm went off.

Friday night we went down to Acen to meet up with Mike and Stacey, and Todd. Todd ended up having car problems, and Mike talked us into staying the night, so we got a room. This, of course, meant we had to run out for basics, like a change of clothes for the next day, and toothpaste. When we returned, Mike had already passed out, Todd still was stuck at home, and Heidi and Ryon were off to an event inside the con. As we'd not planned on staying, neither Tom nor I had registered for the con, so we never went in.

Saturday morning was colorful, we hung around the lobby level of the Hyatt until the little one decided he could take no more. Then it was home time, and our Demon game at Steve's. We got home from that, again, around 3. More on the Demon campaign later, time for work despite falling asleep sitting up... -.-
edit: Probably for the better we didn't register for the con at all. We overdrew by about $35 simply because of being out for the weekend. Meaning: food. If not for food, we would have been fine. Damn our insatiable stomachs.
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