Curiouser&Curiouser... (greenpotato) wrote,

To tell you how great things are around here,,,

The store got robbed at gunpoint (again) yesterday, during the day...
...and it didn't even make the evening news.

But don't worry! Plenty of news coverage of the governor's budget plan!
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[steals you]
You need to be somewhere where guns...don't...happen.

DURING THE DAY? Even I know better than that.
omg hun as if your day wasn't sucking enough as it was. you okay?
This was on Sunday, so luckily, I wasn't there.

And fortunately, people aren't dumb enough to try that shit with us.
A.) we're in the back of the store and they'd have to go all the way through the store afterwards to get out, so they wouldn't see a cop if they were coming up at them
B.) robbing a pharmacy buys you a hell of a lot more jail time

UNFORTUNATELY, none of these assholes ever gets caught.