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Our heads and hearts are as two companion bumbling idiots from opposite sides of the globe: neither has realized that they do not understand what the other is saying, but they are both content to be as such.

So it's been a busy bunch of lazy days. Saw Jacki for the first time in almost a year at Brittany's baby shower the Saturday before last, which was beautiful. Got to see Lilli, who looks just like a mini-Jacki it's so adorable. Quote Jacki, "I finally got a little red-headed girl... WHO LOVES ME!" She and Sean certainly hit it off, though he made Jacki mad because he tools around crawling (he stands up by himself, too >.>) and she's like "You're 3 months older than him, what the hell! Crawl, lazyass!" Afterward, I dashed home and threw the monster at Jen, and ran off to Steve's for our usual Saturday night game. It was brilliant not having to have him with us for once, surely.

Sunday was Tessa's baptism, so we headed down to that neck of the woods yet again. Ended up staying for quite a while, played some Bags and watched Waiting after playing some Guitar Hero while the little one bounced around in Tessa's bouncy chair.

Wednesday, I got off work and ran to my physical therapy appointment, which have been going great! I'm certainly not cured, but I feel so much better. Last Wednesday, though, my therapist was out (thanks for telling me BEFORE I showed up...) with pneumonia, so I went home after a quick run to the grocery store and took a nap. After I got up, I got talked into going out to Derry's Pub with the boys from work. I got to meet Jason's girlfriend (finally, I've only known him for a year now?), and Brad showed up, too. I told them all I was only getting one drink (I got a beer so it would stretch) and was going to leave when it was finished, since I had to get up at 5 am the next morning for work. They proceeded to take that to mean "as long as I haven't finished this drink, keep pouring me more." Therefore, I spent five dollars on beer. I walked into the house at 4am after seven drinks and breakfast at Webb's to try to sober me up enough to drive home.

I get up 45 minutes after falling asleep, and get ready for work.
I stayed for most of the shift, but couldn't quite make it, and went home. Had to wait until little one took his nap to take one of my own.

Friday, the next day, I went in again... And went home after a few hours because all of a sudden, we were swamped by techs, and I still felt like dying. Ended up going in to the doctor, who stuck a Q-tip in my nose and the back of my throat, and insisted on doing a blood draw. Surprisingly, the bruise is already gone (I bruise for a long time when I'm stabbed). Never heard back on the results, but since I wasn't pregnant, the nausea must be the swine flu! I'm around sick people all day! Hey, forget that I don't have a fever, or diarrhea, or vomiting! You only need to show one symptom for it to be true!

So! He gave me Tamiflu. Guess what. I still feel like I'm sick. Something tells me that wasn't it.

After I got home, I hung with Nick and Jen for about an hour and watched them play a few games of Magic, then went back home and rebuilt a deck to play against them sometime with the oodles of cards I have from years past (though now looking at it, it's nothing compared to the volume those two own...).

Saturday was relatively quiet. Game as usual at Steve's. I was in an extremely manic mood, which irritated me, but despite my best efforts, got the best of me. But I made Jaegerbombs!

Sunday I did... diddly shit that I can recall right now. lawlz.

Monday I got up and decided it was high time I lop my hair off. Tom agreed, but with the stipulation that I cut his, first, before the little one woke up from his nap. I agreed, then got called into work before I'd finished. So I think perhaps on Thursday. I've decided, that as my hair is a good 11 inches below the chin now, and it needs to be 10+ to donate, I'm gonna chop it off and donate it! :D I hate having long hair anyway, but when it got to a certain point, I decided that I would get it to this length first so that I could do some good with it for once. After that I think I'm going to bleach the Rogue stripe back in, since I'm beginning to notice more and more grey in that area. -.- Playing around with the idea of thin black streaks also. After work, Steve decided he was going to take his kids out to the park, so I packed Sean up and took him out to join him. He absolutely loved the swings, and was relatively cool about crawling around in the grass.

Today work started out slow and ended absolutely insane. I got to do practically whatever I wanted all day though, which was brilliant. Mentally... I needed that. Thank god.

Late day tomorrow, had to cancel my pt appointment for the second week in a row because apparently I have to work the night shifts on Wednesday for at least another month because there's no one else to work them. WHY DOES THAT MEAN THAT I HAVE TO DO IT THEN I HATE WEDNESDAY NIGHT SHIFTS I LIKED MY EARLY SHIFT. I told Tim I would tolerate it so long as it was ONLY TEMPORARY.
After that, tentative date at Steve's to watch Evil Dead. pwn.
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