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There is most likely a distant move in our future. My grandma passed last week, and left a house in Ohio that needs people to live in it. I volunteered myself, and my parents agreed. I've already submitted an application to Marshall and requested that transcripts be sent to them from UWM and Carmel, I've notified my boss, who notified his boss, that I was interested in transferring, now just to wait...

We won't leave until the transfer goes through, but we probably won't wait much longer after that to go. It's a good move for us. Simply by not having to pay rent, I can afford to go to school full-time. Full-time means better chance at a future, fo'sho. There's a lot of distant family very close by, no shortage of people willing to help. I can send Sean to school in the morning without worrying that one of his classmates might shoot him. We could get a dog (omgdogomg)! There would just be a lot less hassle, and a lot more opportunity.

Crossing fingers. I'm not a patient sort of person. >/
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Approved. I agree with all this goodness.
Wow! It's very sad that your grandma passed away, but it seems like she's shining a little light down on you guys. I'll be sad to see you go (not that I see you that often anymore anyway, regrettably), but this is really wonderful for you. No rent is awesome, and I'm so so happy that you'll be able to go back to school full time. A safe environment for li'l Sean is excellent, too.

You seriously just made my day- I hope this works out for you.

Where in Ohio is this?
The southeast corner. Basically where Ohio, WV, and Kentucky moosh together.

Teh hilllllls! So many hillllllls!
what actual town? i have quite a few friends through a nerd organization in and around ohio.
which makes it sad that i would probably be more able to visit you in ohio than in wisconsin.
Proctorville. It's near Chesapeake.
this is a good thing honey! i'm glad for you. and glad for your lil family. make him go back to school too....