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Why does this make no sense to me?

Why is it that now that I have no bills to pay whatsoever, I seem to be working more?

A.) Because I don't really need the money
B.) Because I'm back in school and would really like to focus on my studies,

I have asked to work 3 (ideally) or 4 (if necessary) days a week.
So, then, how is it that I've only had one day off so far this month (from work or school). If it wasn't for Spring Break being next week, that would have been the ONLY day off I'd had for ALL of March! That day was Friday the 5th - the very beginning of the month. So if it wasn't for having TWO less days of CLASS this month, I'd have had work or class the entire month!?
An entire month without a break is *not* my idea of working less, people!
Including Spring Break, I will have had THREE days off, total.
What. The. Fuck.

I'm really irritated about this right now :/
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